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"A Riot or 'Criminal Insurrection'"
"Progress and Prospects in the Latino Community: Implications for Grantmaking"
"The Education of Hispanics in the United States Today: Illustrative Findings"
A Private Agency's Social Work with Industry
After Hours
Attitudes and Opinions of North Ward Residents
Conference Work Paper
Crime in Newark 1836-1860
Focus on Arts in Newark
Gustav Heninburg's Statement
History of the Newark Police Department
Housing the Black Populations: Trends in the '70s / Black Population Settlement Patterns: Trends of the '70s / Where Blacks Live: Trends of the '70s / Black Urban Settlement Patterns: Trends and Prospects
Key Hispanic Districts
Misc. Family Papers
Misc. Family Papers
New Jersey Education Reform Project
New Jersey Freie Zeitung
Newark Human Rights Commission -  Conciliations
Newark Human Rights Commission -  Public Hearings
Newark article