Acrobat Group
Newark acrobat group, Adam Bieksha left. Photo in Newark, probably near the Passaic River.
Ada Alexander ("Sweetheart")
Lived in Virginia, born c. 1889, daughter of Richard Alexander and his first wife Julia.
Ada and Louise Alexander, Unknown
Daughter of Robert and Fannie. Born in Virginia c. 1924 and 1918, migrated with their family to Newark by 1940, lived at 69 Madison Ave.
Adam Bieksha
Adam Bieksha, of Newark, was part of this acrobat trio. This photo was taken in Newark probably near the Passaic River.
Alfredo Mattia wedding
Alfredo Mattia (1912 - 2002) was a son of Rizziere/Richard F. Mattia (1872 - 1961) and Filomena (AKA “Minnie”) Parisi Mattia (1876 - 1968). This is an undated portrait of his wedding to Geraldine Fiore (1916 - 2010). A print is in family archives.
Angelo M. Mattia and Joe Sileo
Angelo Maria Mattia (1889 - 1946) was the first born child of Petrino B. Mattia (1869 - 1953) and Gesummina (AKA “Jessie”) Ilaria Mattia (1870 - 1946). Angelo and his second wife, Effie Kellenberger Mattia (1892 - 1991) were very close friends with Angelo’s sister Olive Mattia Sileo (1906 - 1983) and her husband, Newark tailor, Guiseppe/Joe Sileo (1891 - 1976 , who was born in Italy. All were living in Newark, NJ when this snapshot was taken of Angelo and Joe on a group vacation in New York and New England. Snapshot is in family archives.
Angelo Maria Mattia
This is Angelo Maria Mattia (1889 - 1946) in 1902, in a portrait from the Mattia Brothers Studio. Their logo is visible; at this time, they were located on Orange Street.
Angelo Mattia at Essex County Insane Asylum
The man on the far right is Angelo Maria Mattia (1889 - 1946) and the setting is what was then called the Essex County Insane Asylum (later, Overbrook) in Cedar Grove, NJ. The calendar on the wall is from February, 1912 and was printed by the Mattia Printing Company (owned and operated by Angelo’s uncle, Rizziere/Richard F. Mattia 1972 - 1961).
Arthur Davis 1884-1960, Semmie Wright Davis 1885-1974
In 1915 Arthur Davis was living in Georgia with his wife Semmie and their three children when he became a target of the KKK because he had reportedly been disrespectful to a white man in the town where he lived. Semmie, fearful for her husband convinced him to leave the small town and go north to Newark, NJ where they had a distant cousin. Arthur left Georgia and went to Newark, settling in the Ironbound section of the city. After working for a year in a Newark lumberyard he was able to send for his family. Two years later in May 1918, the baby Arthur Davis Jr. was born in Newark. This picture was taken for Christmas 1918 to send home to relatives they had left behind in Georgia. Four more children were born to them in Newark including Lula Davis, mother of Newark author/publisher and Newark Public Library Trustee, Dr. Anasa Maat.
Bamberger's Parade 1945
First Bamberger Parade since War: Nov 23, 1945.
Bedford Street, Stokes Family
Bedford Street facing 14th Avenue. Left to right: Preston Stokes, Stephen Brooks, Eric Stokes
Bernice Alexander
Bernice married Henry (b. 1916), son of Robert and Fannie. Born in Virginia the family migrated to Newark and lived at 69 Madison Ave,
Bernice and Ida Alexander, unknown
Bernice and Ida married Henry (b. 1916) and George, sons of Robert and Fannie. Both born in Virginia the family migrated to Newark and lived at 69 Madison Ave,
Bill Cunningham (1919-1968) and Lula Davis Cunningham Echols (1922-2016)
In 1937 Bill’s parents and six of their eight children moved to Newark, NJ seeking a better life. They settled in the Ironbound section of city where his grandfather had migrated years earlier. Eighteen year old Bill was left behind in South Carolina with his sixteen year old brother, Jimmy, because they had jobs and the family needed their earnings to help them get started with their new life. A year later, Bill and his brother joined the rest of the family in the Ironbound, then referred to as “Down Neck.” Three years after moving to Newark Bill married Lula Davis, a Newark native and recent East Side High School graduate. Dr. Anasa Maat, Newark author/publisher and Newark Public Library Trustee, is a product of their union.
CAB Award Night
On Nov 11, 1976 at the Lincoln Motel on Broad Street in Newark. The City of Newark Citizen's Advisory Board held its annual awards night. Eric Stokes, CAB member, photographed with his citizen participation awardees, left to right: Laura Baker, Mary Bey, Linda Grice, Eric Stokes, Martha Stokes, Mary Spencer and Sandra Bellinger.