Newark Community Project for People with AIDS Collection

About this Collection

The Newark Community Project for People with AIDS incorporated in 1988 to help people in Newark dealing with AIDs. They worked on AIDs education, prevention, and fundraising. In this collection you can see fliers from their events, read their minutes and more!

Letter to New York Times Editor
Letter from chairperson Derek Winans to a New York Times editor in which Winans criticizes an article by Bernard Goldberg for being inaccurate and promoting panic instead of compassion towards the AIDS crisis.
Guidelines for Effective School Health Education To Prevent the spread of AIDS
Information packet of guidelines for effective school health education to prevent the spread of AIDS.
Mixer Flier
Flyer for the HIV Mixer/Social sponsored by the Hyacinth Foundation AIDS Project.
Volunteer Form
Volunteer form for people who want to participate on committees.
New Eden Baptist Church Involves the Black Clergy in Community HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
Document about the New Eden Baptist Church's plans to educate the clergy on HIV/AIDS.
Letter from World Vision
Letter from World Vision requesting to send community members to national conferences.
Invitation and Program
Invitation and program for the first year anniversary celebration of the New Jersey Women and AIDS Network.
Newark Task Force Committee Chairs
Listing of the Newark Task Force Committee Chairs with contact information.
Donation Form
Donation form for the National Association of People With AIDS.
Conference Flier
Flier for the Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Forum's presentation of the Second Annual National Black Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference and AIDS Institute.
Pride Guide
National AIDS resource directory in the Pride Guide.
Theater Workshop Flier
Flier for the People With AIDS Theater Workshop.
AIDS and the LAW
Flyer for a weekly support group.
Rev. Mable Griffen's resume including current positions, education and training and current focus of activities.
Letter to Derek T. Winans
Letter to enlist Derek T. Winans on to the community advisory board for a Rutgers University Research project.
Lavender Light
Letter encouraging people to attend the "Lavender Light" AIDS fund-raiser benefit at the Paul Roberson Campus Center at Rutgers Newark..
Functional Listings
Contact list for the AD HOC Committee and subcommittees for Newark A.I.D.S Victims.
Statement by Chairperson Winans
Statement by chairperson Winans in support of State Senator Wynona Lipman for her work at the forefront of the struggle against the AIDS epidemic.
Service Program
Program for A Cherished Remembrance Service at the University Hospital Chapel.
East Orange Health Department Flier
Flier for anonymous and confidential AIDS counseling and testing center.