Essex County AIDS Network Meeting Minutes
Essex County AIDS Network minutes for the June 6, 1990 meeting.
Fact Sheet
American Red Cross AIDS Prevention program for youth fact sheet.
Facts About AIDS Pamphlet
HIV Counseling and Test Sites Facts About AIDS and Facts About AIDS and the Public Schools pamphlets.
Factsheets for Adolescents
Sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, injury prevention, tobacco, drug and alcohol factsheets with descriptions of the sponsoring organizations.
Functional Listings
Contact list for the AD HOC Committee and subcommittees for Newark A.I.D.S Victims.
Garden of Ecstasy
Letter with attachment about Kay Gardner's Garden of Ecstasy album.
Guidelines for Effective School Health Education To Prevent the spread of AIDS
Information packet of guidelines for effective school health education to prevent the spread of AIDS.
Hyacinth Foundation
Hyacinth AIDS Project pamphlet about services and the Hyacinth foundation.
Information Update Volume I, No. 1
Information Update newsletter for the Newark Community Project For People With AIDS.
Invitation and Program
Invitation and program for the first year anniversary celebration of the New Jersey Women and AIDS Network.
Lavender Light
Letter encouraging people to attend the "Lavender Light" AIDS fund-raiser benefit at the Paul Roberson Campus Center at Rutgers Newark..
Lavender Light
Flyer for the Lavender Light Gospel Concert Fund Raiser Benefit.
Lecture Invitation
Invitation to "Coping with a Serious Disease" lecture at University Hospital.
Letter from World Vision
Letter from World Vision requesting to send community members to national conferences.
Letter of Support
Letter from Chairperson Derek T. Winans of the Newark Community Project for People with AIDS to Gary R. Noble, Director of AIDS Prevention and Control of the CDC.
Letter of Thanks
Letter of thanks from chairperson Derek Winans to George Hagenister, Vice President, of Gannett Outdoor of New Jersey.
Letter of Thanks
Letter from Chairperson Derek Winans to Gwen Guthrie thanking her for agreeing to perform pro bono at a disco dance benefit.
Letter to Attorney
Letter from chairperson Derek Winans to attorney George Hanley.
Letter to Derek T. Winans
Letter to enlist Derek T. Winans on to the community advisory board for a Rutgers University Research project.
Letter to New York Times Editor
Letter from chairperson Derek Winans to a New York Times editor in which Winans criticizes an article by Bernard Goldberg for being inaccurate and promoting panic instead of compassion towards the AIDS crisis.