Newark Community Project for People with AIDS Collection

About this Collection

The Newark Community Project for People with AIDS incorporated in 1988 to help people in Newark dealing with AIDs. They worked on AIDs education, prevention, and fundraising. In this collection you can see fliers from their events, read their minutes and more!

AIDS Knowledge and Attitudes of Black Americans: Provisional Data from the 1988 National Health Interview Survey
Report examining knowledge and attitudes about HIV and AIDS among minority groups in the U.S.
CDC Report
AIDS Weekly Surveillance Report from the United States AIDS Program CDC.
Conference Review
A review of the National AIDS Network Skills Building Conference.
Guidelines for Effective School Health Education To Prevent the spread of AIDS
Information packet of guidelines for effective school health education to prevent the spread of AIDS.
Request for AIDS Information
Letter to Frederick Waring of the Newark Community Project for People With AIDS in response to his request for information on HIV and AIDS with an enclosed copy of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.