Harold A. Lett Papers

About this Collection

This collection consists of selected items from the Harold Lett Collection. Harold Lett worked for the New Jersey Urban League from 1934-1945. At the Urban League Lett worked on housing issues and race relations. He also worked on educational issues for example he made a speech on "Public Schools and Negro". Read more about the Urban League in the Essex County Urban League Collection.

Let's Work Together
An explanation of a proposed community organization development program and budget.
Economic Justice in a Democracy
Speech given at the National Y.M.C.A. Convention at Wilberforce University on economic justice.
Teachers Union of New York City
Speech against fear, prejudice and miseducation of children.
Letter from Lett to Hughes
A letter from Harold A. Lett to Richard J. Hughes regarding partisan politics.
Letter from Hughes
A letter from Richard J. Hughes to Harold A. Lett regarding civil rights and equal opportunity in New Jersey.
Changes in Racial Policies in New Jersey's 549 School Districts
Statistics showing the racial changes in Newark population, school enrollment, students and teachers.
Black Power: A State of Principles
A statement of principles of Black Power and a call for participation.
Conversation about African-Americans in Levittown
Handwritten notes of a conversation on opinions of African-Americans moving into Levittown.
Job Types
Statistics showing types of jobs held and counties.
Hospital Admission Forms
Letter regarding the words "race" or "color" on hospital admission forms.
NAACP Weighs in on Levittown
Letter from Roy Wilkins of the NAACP to Samuel Williams of the New Jersey State Conference of Branches regarding the announcement of William Levitt that his New Jersey Levittown will be all white.
Summary of Survey Findings by County
Survey findings on minority exclusion concerns in different counties in New Jersey.
Invitation to Conference
A letter inviting Ira Goldman to a Burlington County Human Relations Council Leadership Conference.
Racial Policies in New Jersey School Districts 1953-1954
Statistics showing the racial changes in Newark population, school enrollment, students and teachers.
Black Power: Key to National Fulfillment
A paper about black and white race relations and black identity.
Survey of New Jersey Public School System
A survey of the public school systems in the state of New Jersey made under the direction of the New Jersey State Conference of NAACP Branches.
How Newton Removed Racial Restrictions: A Factual Case History
A paper on how to remove racial restrictions from housing practices.
A Better Way
Description of the Black Power Conference and a proposed format for the July 20-23 event.
Juvenile Delinquency: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach, Problem of Minority Groups
Speech about the relationship between/perception of delinquency and minority groups.
Schools Attended Exclusively by Negros
Statistics showing schools attended by African-Americans in different New Jersey Counties.