Letter from Levitt and Sons
Letter giving funds to Harold Lett to organize a program to achieve racial integration.
Letter to the Attorney General
A letter from Ira Goldman of Levitt and Sons, Inc. to Attorney General David D. Furman.
Levittown New Jersey Map
Work Map Millbrook Park Section 31 Levittown. Levittown Township, New Jersey.
Modern Trends
A speech given at the Modern Trends in Intergroup Relations at Rutgers University.
NAACP Weighs in on Levittown
Letter from Roy Wilkins of the NAACP to Samuel Williams of the New Jersey State Conference of Branches regarding the announcement of William Levitt that his New Jersey Levittown will be all white.
Newark Salute to Israel on its 10th Anniversary
Letter inviting Harold Lett to join a committee to arrange a celebration of "Newark Salute to Israel on its 10th Anniversary.
Newark United Nations Celebration
Request from the Leo P. Carlin administration for Harold Lett to be on the Newark UN Celebration.
Notice of Meeting
Notice of a meeting of the Council on Human Relations Levittown, New Jersey.
People Power- For Cooperation or Disruption Essex County PTA
A speech to parents and teachers about the importance of education and the education system's role in the fight for Black Power.
Police and Minorities
A speech about the relationship between police and minority groups.
Police and Minorities: Significance of the National Civil Rights Revolution
A speech about the relationship between police and minority groups.
Programming in Police and Community Relations
Speech about police and community relations.
Proposal from Harold Lett for the preparation of a report/evaluation of the fair employment practice law in New Jersey.
Public Employment after Retirement
A message to retired members of the teachers' pension and annuity fund and the public employees' retirement system.
Public Schools Speech
Outline of a speech on African-Americans in public schools.
Racial Policies in New Jersey School Districts 1953-1954
Statistics showing the racial changes in Newark population, school enrollment, students and teachers.
Report Comments
Letters regarding comments on a tentative report.