Intercultural Travel Seminar
A series of reports on the highlights of an Intercultural Travel Seminar.
Invitation to Conference
A letter inviting Ira Goldman to a Burlington County Human Relations Council Leadership Conference.
Invitation to Gettysburg National Military Park
An invitation to the rededication of the New Jersey Monument at Gettysburg National Military Park.
Job Types
Statistics showing types of jobs held and counties.
Juvenile Delinquency: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach, Problem of Minority Groups
Speech about the relationship between/perception of delinquency and minority groups.
Law Opposition
Statement concerning opposition to laws.
Let's Elect Lett
Robert A. Lett election flier.
Let's Work Together
An explanation of a proposed community organization development program and budget.
Lett Obituary
A draft of Howard A. Lett's obituary.
Letter from Hughes
A letter from Richard J. Hughes to Harold A. Lett regarding civil rights and equal opportunity in New Jersey.
Letter from Lett to Hughes
A letter from Harold A. Lett to Richard J. Hughes regarding partisan politics.
Letter from Levitt and Sons
A letter from Levitt and Sons INC. expressing willingness to work with Harold Lett on racial integration.