Conversations with Richard J. Hughes
Correspondence between Richard J. Hughes and Howard Lett regarding civil rights and equal opportunity.
Conversations with the New Jersey Historical Society
Correspondence between the director of the New Jersey Historical Society and Harold A. Lett.
Council Materials
Materials related to the Council on Human Relations Levittown, New Jersey.
Course Proposal
A proposal for Human Relations Course to Levittown Human Council.
Division Initiated Complaints
Letter regarding racial discriminatory practices and an investigation into a manufacturing plant.
Division Review
Summary of the Division Against Discrimination programs and activities.
Dorothy Chandler's Invitation
Letter from Harold Lett to Dorothy Chandler concerning her invitation to speak at a Women's Club.
Economic Justice in a Democracy
Speech given at the National Y.M.C.A. Convention at Wilberforce University on economic justice.
Elizabeth Daily Journal Clippings
Articles about global race relations.
Hospital Admission Forms
Letter regarding the words "race" or "color" on hospital admission forms.
How Newton Removed Racial Restrictions: A Factual Case History
A paper on how to remove racial restrictions from housing practices.
Human Relations in Employment Practices
Speech given at the Conference on Civil Rights/ United Steelworkers Committee on Civil Rights at the University of Indiana.