Harold A. Lett Papers

About this Collection

This collection consists of selected items from the Harold Lett Collection. Harold Lett worked for the New Jersey Urban League from 1934-1945. At the Urban League Lett worked on housing issues and race relations. He also worked on educational issues for example he made a speech on "Public Schools and Negro". Read more about the Urban League in the Essex County Urban League Collection.

Black Studies Movement: A Plea for Perspective
Arguments about Black Studies as a "fashionable movement" and the origins of the Black Studies movement.
Conversations with the New Jersey Historical Society
Correspondence between the director of the New Jersey Historical Society and Harold A. Lett.
Let's Elect Lett
Robert A. Lett election flier.
Lett Obituary
A draft of Howard A. Lett's obituary.
Newark Salute to Israel on its 10th Anniversary
Letter inviting Harold Lett to join a committee to arrange a celebration of "Newark Salute to Israel on its 10th Anniversary.