Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center

The Charles F. Cummings New Jersey Information Center (New Jersey Room) is a research-level collection of materials relating to New Jersey, Essex County and Newark. It includes both historical and current information in these formats: books, newspapers, documents, pictures and archives. Most of our collections have not been digitized, however, selections from dozens of collections are available below.

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D. J. Henderson Papers
This collection contains a selection of items from the papers of African American engineer and active Newark resident Dorland J. Henderson.
Business and Industrial Coordinating Council (BICC) Collection
This collection contains various reports, minutes and other material on the Business and Industrial Coordinating Council (BICC) which worked to address inequality in job opportunities.
City News
City News was a newspaper based in Newark, focused on the African American experience. Digitized issues span 1990-2002.
African American Newark Newspapers
This collection consists of issues of African-American newspapers published in Newark. Titles include the Newark Herald, Advance, Herald Advance and New Jersey Herald News.
Alexander Mark Collection
This collection contains items from the collection Alexander Mark and his time with the Mayor's Commision on Human Relations in Newark. Raised in Newark, Mark served on the Commission in the 1950s and 1960s,
William M. Ashby Collection & Papers
This collection contains a selection of materials from distinguished Newark citizen William Ashby who lived to 101. Mr. Ashby worked for the Urban League.
Wynona M. Lipman Papers
State Senator Wynona M. Lipman became the first African-American woman to be elected to the New Jersey Senate in 1971. This digital collection contains a selection of items from the Wynona Lipman Collection at the library. There are photographs, letters to and from various Newark groups, and more!
Newark Area Community Newsletters & Newspapers
Community organizations are working everyday to help make Newark and the surrounding areas a better place! In this collection are newsletters from some of these organizations which show some of the work they do every day.
Newark Associations Collection
This collection consists of selected items from various Newark associations and clubs (MG Nwk Associations). See items from the Works Progress Administration, Greater Newark Conservancy, NAACP, and more!
Newark (High School) Yearbooks
Newark high school yearbooks are in this collection.
Newark African Americans Collections
This is a selection of material from the Newark African Americans Collection and Listings of African Americans from the Newark City Directories
Newark City Documents Collection
This is a collection of documents from various departments of the City of Newark.
Newark City Directories
This collection includes Newark city directories (lists of people in Newark). City directories allow you to look up the name of a Newark resident. They list the resident's name, address, and often list their job!
Newark City Minutes
This collection contains books of City Council minutes from the City of Newark, which were kindly donated by the Newark City Archives. To this day, the City Council holds frequent meetings where the public can comment to vote on laws and allow public comments. In these documents we can see what went on at these meetings in Newark's earlier days.
Newark Community Project for People with AIDS Collection
The Newark Community Project for People with AIDS incorporated in 1988 to help people in Newark dealing with AIDs. They worked on AIDs education, prevention, and fundraising. In this collection you can see fliers from their events, read their minutes and more!
Newark Churches Collection
This collection consists of service bulletins, guides, programs, brochures, and other material related to Newark churches.
Stanley B. Winters Scrapbooks & Papers
Stanley Winters was an activist and founder of the Clinton Hill Neighborhood Council in Clinton Hill neighborhood. He worked on the issues of urban renewal, civil rights, housing, employment and education.
Newark Then And Now
This collections consists of images of Newark in 1916 and 2016, side by side.
Tri City Peoples Organization for Progress Collection
This collection consists of minutes, reports, fliers and other documents from the community organization: Tri-City Citizens Union for Progress (the majority of the paper collection: MG Nwk TCCUP). Tri-City was founded in 1966 to work in Jersey City, Newark and Paterson and continues to be active in Newark today!